Cheenies N' Dips

Cheenies are great alone but they are excellent with some extra flavor! Serve them with hummus, artichoke and spinach dip, tapenade or your personal favorite dip for a unique appetizer at a dinner party!

Cheenies Croutons

What about making croutons out of Cheenies? Bake them as usual. But instead of serving them right away, cube them and put them back into the oven until toasted. Use them to add a crunch and kick of flavor to salads or soups.

Cheenies for Breakfast

Did you know you can make Cheenies waffles? Place frozen Cheenies straight into your waffle maker. No additional ingredients needed. It's that simple!

Cheenies Dinner Rolls

Cheenies have a unique crispy outside and soft, tender inside making them a delicious compliment to every meal. The same traditional dinner rolls served in Brazilian Steakhouses can now be a great addition to your home cooked classics. Just bake and serve them straight out of the oven for a warm delight.

Cheenies Waffles and Chicken

Cheenies and Coffee

Traditional way to enjoy Cheenies in Brazil. 

Enjoy Cheenies with your coffee!